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Custom view modes for Drupal 7 Media

We've had the issue, since we started using Drupal 7, of not being able to use our own custom image styles for use with Media in the WYSIWYG as we did with the old Image Browser in Drupal 6. There are a few presets given that can be changed but what if we need a large amount of image styles available for the client? What if we also want to use more meaningful names for use in the select in the Media browser?

How do you illustrate this?

Modules like Features make it easy to package content types, views and other bits of Drupal sites as a module and share them between sites. If you’re anything like us at Bouncing Orange, you’ll often want your feature module to override the templates used for those content types, views, etc. so you can stop copying the templates into your theme on every project.


When I started with Drupal 7 and needed to develop updates to some modules for a client I struggled to find any documentation on the subject. There were small nuggets around but there was nowhere to give me a straight answer on how to make updates to my entities in the database. So here's my small guide on how to make updates to your modules to hopefully make things a little more clear.